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Matching Top Talent with Leading Companies

We are on a mission to empower talented people of all backgrounds, unlocking meaningful career opportunities within companies that care.

Our secret “source” is helping you find yours!

Matching Top Talent with Leading Companies
Diversity And Inclusion: Our Priority

Diversity And Inclusion: Our Priority

It’s proven that employees who feel supported, respected and are treated fairly like the good humans they are, will have higher levels of job satisfaction! When a workforce culture is thriving, it leads to a bunch of awesome things including better decision making, increased innovation, and employee retention.

Let us help you achieve and maintain your diversity and inclusion goals!

We specialise in providing a range of Talent solutions including:

Talent Acquisition

Talent Acquisition

Acting as your internal talent function and working with you on the entire recruitment process from role discovery, marketing, sourcing, all the way through to interviewing and employee checks.

 HR Consulting

HR Consulting

Guidance and advice on HR policies, procedures, and dispute resolutions.

Career Coaching

Career Coaching

Are you feeling a bit stuck in your career? Lost the spark and passion for what you do? Or just need support while you transition to a new career? We can help!

Career Transitions

Career Transitions

Transition and outplacement services support employees affected by change or redundancy, helping them transition effectively to new opportunities.

We care about promoting Inclusion throughout the interview process

Being a “good” human is at the core of what we do.

In order to create an inclusive world of work, we believe it’s important to connect talented humans from all backgrounds with employers who share the same commitment.

Of course, sometimes this can be tricky to navigate, but don’t worry, we are here to help guide you through the recruitment process… trust us, it’s worth it!

We Care About Promoting Inclusion Throughout The Interview Process

Good Humans we've Empowered & connected

[slider]I loved working with the Good Source on my most recent opportunity. Sinead was great at understanding what I am all bout and connecting me with like-minded people. She is a great communicator and made me feel supported throughout a quick and transparent hiring process.

I’m thrilled to part of my new team and would highly recommend Sinead and The Good Source.

Lana Kamffer

Sinead is smart, pro-active, a good communicator and well networked. She has been invaluable for us finding talent. And I like the fact she uses tools and software aligned with her clients.

Mark Hurley

Sinead and the Good Source were to work with, proactively finding good candidates who fit the specific needs of the role were were filling. We were mostly relying on our network, but Sinead’s candidate was the best! She is super responsive and a champion of getting the community together via events like the StartupGrind.

Luke Smith

Sinead connected me with a role within the Good Source, and it was a perfect match! Sinead’s proactive approach and keen understanding of the job market stood out. She expertly guided me through every step, ensuring I was well-prepared, confident and clear of what was expected. This role was exactly what I was looking for, and I owe it all to the Good Source.

Highly recommend their expertise for anyone seeking the perfect professional fit or business looking to hire top talent!

Cyran Castelino

Sinead is the perfect example of a skilled recruiter. She is focused, reliable, and genuinely cares about the relationships she helps to build. With how fast moving the recruiting space is it’s rare to find someone that gives you time, outlines processes in detail, and follows up so diligently. Thanks again Sinead for all your help and I’ll be sending friends your way in the future.

Leon Harvey

Delivery Director

Sinead has been working as our Principal Talent Consultant for HIRE HER and has been absolutely amazing at helping us source incredible female talent for roles. She’s highly efficient, easy to work with, lovely personality, great work ethic and can find the perfect person for any job. Highly recommend working with Sinead.

Priscilla C


One of the absolute best I’ve known in recruitment industry. She goes above and beyond to find the right fit. It is always a pleasure to work with her. I would also recommend Sinead for being an amazing person to deal with, for understanding candidates/employers equally and for her strikingly different approach to recruitment!!

Steeb Thomas

Lead QA Engineer

I’m glad you reached out to me about the open position at Trade Me, I wasn’t actively looking for a new role but this one turned out to be a great fit for me. I liked that you were very upfront about the role, what company it was for and the approximate compensation. I think all this information is very important to provide straight away and your message was on point. It’s also great that you were quick at transferring my details to Trade Me. So feeling lucky that you found me 😊

Natalia P

Lead iOs Engineer

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